my stapler rocks

Y’all remember Office Space? Of course you do. You remember that guy & his stapler? How much he treasured it? If it was a chick, he’d so marry it/her. I don’t blame him cause his stapler was hot! All red like a firecracker. Well, I have this stapler . . .

This is a picture of my stapler. It’s the standard-issue picture from the catalog. I’ll try to take a pic of it on my desk maybe. If I remember, & I’m not doing something else, & I remember to take my cam in.

Sooo…..  maybe not.

Regardless, my stapler rocks. When I started my job, I was asked if I wanted a new chair. I have a great executive chair that was ordered just a few months before I started. But they weren’t sure if I found it comfortable or not. I couldn’t care less. But, I did say that I couldn’t use their pens (yes, I’m a pen-snob; & no, I don’t care that I’m a pen-snob). So, I had to order all new pens for myself (by the dozen), & I’m the only one in the whole building who uses these pens. It’s completely fine, b/c I am absolutely incredible at my job, & I end up going through about a dozen pens a year anyway. So, it’s not like I don’t use them.

Oh, back to the stapler. So, I found myself stapling papers w/ the “professional, typical, black” stapler you see on most ppl’s desks (see pic below left). But everytime I stapled something, I had this pain in my wrist (no, I’m not being melodramatic here, it really hurt). Also, I can’t lay the paper down on the desk to staple, I have to pick up the stapler to do it. I don’t know why, that’s just how I is. But it hurt. It was like a muscle was being pulled or something (I’m not a doc, so I have no idea what it was). So, that prompted me to high-tail it to the person who does all our office supply ordering & ask to borrow the catalog. Only I can puruse a office supply catalog for over an hour. Anyway, I came across this beautiful blue bombshell (above). Did I mention I was also trying to add some color to my work-space?

Here’s the description they use in the catalog (for my blue stapler):

The Ready Grip stapler delivers exceptional comfort and control. Soft-touch material makes for added comfort, and the durable half-strip mechanism offers long life. Contemporary form fits the hand perfectly. Compact, upright design gives go-anywhere convenience. Features low staple indicator. Staples two to 20 sheets of 20 lb paper.

And now, everyone wants to use it. Ppl come from miles around. Ok, well maybe not all around, but the other 2 ppl I share an office w/ are always using mine instead of their own. So, in conclusion, my stapler rocks. And it reminds me of the dude from Office Space.

And on the topic of office supply catalogs, did anyone else notice that the guy on the back of the “Office Max” catalog is the crab-man from the my name is Earl show. I only watched the first 3 or 4 episodes of that show, but I swear it’s the same guy! Does anyone know for sure? The show was ok, but not great enough to make me a regular, “I’ve gotta tune-in every week” person. I gave it a chance cause it had Jason Lee from all the Kevin Smith movies as the title character. Kev should make another movie. If any of you guys have his number, please pass that message along to him. Thanks.

Oh, & if you’re one of those ppl that don’t really click on links; make an exception & click on the Kevin Smith link above. It goes to his blog, & if you’re a Kev Smith fan, you’ll enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “my stapler rocks

  1. I thought it was just me. I am very very particular about my stapler. I recently started a new job and they gave me a crappy old one that kept jamming.

    I could not have that.
    My coworker meanwhile had this ultra modern one that doesn’t even make noise when you staple something.

    I waited til nobody was looking and made sure my stapler was REALLY broken and then simply said I needed a new ultra modern one.

    I am so happy with it.

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