buffalo soldier . . . .
. .dreadlock rasta

Last Sunday, I went to Reggae-fest in honor of Bob Marley’s birthday (was Feb. 6th). Then, later this week, I saw this picture from the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (in New York Feb. 13th). I love this dog. I feel like he’s struttin w/ some attitute here, & anyway, as soon as I saw him I got that song (Buffalo Soldier) in my head. In my head, that’s the song that’s playing on the loudspeakers as he’s coming out & doing his thing. Like he’s a supermodel or something. I just felt like sharing this pic w/ y’all.

I think his name’s Quincy, & he’s a komondor (don’t ask, I never even heard of this type of dog before). But I totally dig him.

In other related news, I figured that most ppl don’t know where the term “Buffalo Soldier” came from. So, I thought I’d share.

In 1866, Congress passed a bill allowing the formation of an all black regiment. Some were sent out west to deal w/ “civil unrest”. When they went out west, they had to fight some Native American tribes & Mexican bandits. Well, the Indians ended up calling them “Buffalo Soldiers” out of respect. Buffalos were considered sacred by the tribes. The Indians also compared their stamina, fighting style, the look of their skin, & the feel of their hair.

More info on this can be found at The Dread Library and of course, Wikipedia.

5 thoughts on “

  1. I’m sure it takes a little grooming and little ganja – it’s all in the mix!

    How was the Reggae fest? I’m a huge fan of Marley!

  2. I think it’s grooming. High-maintenance bitches.

    Reggae-fest was sooo much fun. I can’t even begin to tell you. I might just post about it, though. I think I should. Maybe I will. OK, I’ve convinced myself.

  3. Some dog breeds have hair like that. I forgot what they call them but, Gwen Stefani and Gavin have a black dog like that.

    And DID somebody say ganga?

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