Attn: Hearst Publications

Letter to all fashion magazines (excluding Harper’s Bazaar & W, b/c they have taste; but mostly any other Hearst Publications):

Sienna Miller is not a fashion ‘Do’, a fashion icon, or a person w/ any bit of sensibility AT ALL. Please STOP (read: cease & desist) putting her in magazines as someone/something to aspire to. I do have taste, so you will never see me dressed like trash (read: Sienna Miller).

However, many young, misguided women do not have any taste & seem to rely on your publications to steer them in fashionable directions. I don’t mind your trotting out all the ‘trends’ here & there. I don’t mind seeing every gal shake her booty in the same exact outfit. What I do mind is having to look at trash.

And the problem now becomes that if I tell these ppl that they look like circus-training-school rejects; then they get all huffy-puffy at me. And w/ all the rage going around these days, you just can’t try to help ppl anymore. There are little, discreet things you can do. Like, possible show them pics of your cutie little nieces & nephews; throwing in how amazing it is that these 4 year olds can pick out such great outfits for themselves.

Anyway, do us all a favor & stop putting her name or pictures, or any likeness of her in any publication ever. She’s not cute, she has no taste, or sense, or class, or (obviously) a good stylist. The only thing she has is a great agent (hence her name being everywhere), and an affiliation for wearing little or no clothing (hence ppl wanting to see her all the time).


5 thoughts on “Attn: Hearst Publications

  1. Oh man. I can’t stand that woman. The only reason anyone knows who she is is because Jude Law cheated on her boring ass.

  2. I’m not the most fashionable person but even I can tell Sienna Miller needs some fashion sense. Though I could be wrong, maybe dressing like a 7 year-old tomboy/bag-lady is all the rage.

    But I gotta admit she’s pretty cute.

  3. Bless you for posting this!!

    Can I add Chloe Sevigny (also constantly dubbed a fashion ICON) AKA: “Barbie’s Acid Trip Wet Dream” to the letter?

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