I was thinking yesterday of a dilemma that actually started last summer & was never really resolved in my life. Last summer, my girls & I were emailing each other what we were thinking we (& the other’s) should wear to Diddy’s “White Party” in the Hamptons. (I do enjoy being a girl).

As we got more into what we were going to wear, I animatedly wrote something back & put in “ooouu” (think the way the French would say it, rhymes w/ “lou”).

The question then became, how do you spell that? It’s not oooooo, cause that’s just “o” like in coke. It’s not ooohhh, cause that’s also like in “coke”. So, is “ooouu” right? Please help.

*I should note that none of us were actually invited to his soirée. This, of course, was just an oversight, I’m sure.

5 thoughts on “ooouu?

  1. But wouldn’t you think that that would be how it was spelled? As in just plain ‘ou’ – when we talk, we tend to exaggerate, as in the whole ‘oooo, girl, you look hawt tonight!,’ but when writing it ‘properly,’ don’t you think you would do something along the lines of ‘oh, girl you look hot tonight!’ It just seemed to me the sound you were conveying had the same sound as the ou from oulàlà – so I guess what I am saying is that you were probably right on track with what you were trying to get across. I have problems with the whole yeah/yea/yah/ya thing, when I’m trying to convey a casual yes vs. a cheer. I have to sound out all of the stupid inflections to make sure I have the correct slang term – it tends to drive me batty.

  2. I was going to take back what I said on the above post about diddy cuz I thought you really were invited and now I don’t have to.


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