male-oriented last names

I’ve been having a ton of just random thoughts that have just been popping into my head. The latest in this series is when ppl have 3 first names. You know like David Patrick James*, or something like that. Also, I’ve heard that you should never trust anyone w/ 3 first names, but that’s so not true.

Anyway, what I’ve noticed is when these ppl have first-names for their last-name (or sur-name, family name, whatever), they are usually male names. How weird is that? Like James, Thomas, Murphy, Nicholas, Franklin, Edwards (well, it’s Edward w/ an ‘s’, so it counts), Davis, Riley, Aaron, Jacobs (same as the Edwards), Arnold, Gordon, and Martin. And those are just the last names I’ve encountered today in the last few hours!

A complete side-note. I heard that in Iceland, they add ‘daughter’ or ‘son’ to the last name of the children depending on their gender. This may explain Peterson, which is just Peter w/ a son at the end. So, I think this counts in what I was talking about w/ the last names being male first names too (as opposed to female first names). I mean, I’m sure there are female first names for ppl’s last names too, but they’re just not as prevalent.

Oh, and in the Russian states (ex-Russian states, whatever), they usually add an ‘a’ to the end of the female’s last name, & the guy’s name just wouldn’t have the ‘a’. I think that practice is pretty cool, so I thought I’d mention it. I don’t want to mention examples of those names, b/c I don’t want to put the last names of those ppl that I know “out there”.

*this is a totally made-up name. If you happen to know someone by this name, it is a complete coincidence.


One thought on “male-oriented last names

  1. People with 3 first names are totally evil!

    That’s why I was always afraid to watch JAG. Damn you David James Elliot!

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