girls rock!

I work w/ musicians, which is really cool. I’m surrounded by incredible music all day long, & I love it. Although I do get frustrated (mainly w/ attitudes) in January & February; and I’m just super-busy & have no time at all in the month of December. But sometimes, little successes make up for all that.

Most of the gigs that ppl get are just things they do b/c it’ll pay the bills. Like playing for someone like Josh Grobin or the TSO (Trans-Siberian Orchestra). It’s not something you turn down, b/c they pay really well; & at least you can add it to your résumé.

But one of my girls is going to play in the Pepsi Smash thing for the Superbowl. Now, I don’t really do football, but I do know the Superbowl’s supposedly a big deal. And I’ve seen these Pepsi Smash shows before. I guess she’s gonna play w/ Kanye & Train; which is a really great opportunity for her. I’m just really excited for her & I can’t hold it to myself!

One thought on “girls rock!

  1. I know you can’t see me but, I am bowing to you in a “I’m not worthy” kind of way.

    Your job sounds awesome. Please elaborate sometime.

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