a woman’s worth

This morning, we mourn the passing of Coretta Scott King, a true lady in every respect. They just don’t make women like her anymore. The only consolation is that she had passed in her sleep. It’s difficult to fight for an ideology that you believe to be right, and to stand by someone’s side through it all. Esp. when the means to an end is through civil disobedience; peace & brotherhood.

Everyone else uses what’s in their hands; the “speak softly, & carry a big stick” method (only w/out the “speak softly” part). It’s commendable (for lack of a better word), the faith that she had in life, her fellow ppl, religion, & her man. I hope that we as a society don’t just pay tribute to her today (or this week, or during Feb), and then go back to our lives forgetting her.

I’ve put up one of my fave pics of her. It’s not a pic that comes close to what she’s helped to do or anything. It’s just a pic of a woman who loves a man, and stood by him. “They” say behind every great man, there’s a great woman. I’m not gonna argue on this one.

It’s hard to go one when you lose someone; but she had the determination to carry on her husband’s dream.

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