the whiskey hounds

I went to school at Kent State; and when I was there, I worked at Ray’s. This was probably the best job I’ve ever had b/c I loved all the ppl there, everyone was like family. Charlie owned the place, & he was just the most fair & compassionate person. Anyway, I quit in 1999, b/c I was going to move soon after. Around the time that I quit working there, this guy Freddy Hill started.

Now, this part’s the vague memory . . . He either started just before I quit but we never worked together, or he started just after I quit & so we never worked together. I think it was the latter. Anyway, I still hung out there on the regular. So, mutual friends introduced me to him at some point in time, and I went to go see him play once (possible twice; once again-vague memory). But I didn’t really know him, & we never hung out so that we would get to know each other & become friends or anything.

So, the other day, my friend tells me that Freddy Hill’s band is playing Friday night. I had this recollection of him, & so I thought I’d go. Also, I’d always try to support any of my former Ray’s ppls.

Then, I really started to get keen on the idea of getting to see them play. I get there & Freddy does look vaguely familiar. He looks very different now then what I remembered him to look like (he’s all grown now, w/ facial hair & stuff). But then I realized that I’ve actually seen them play about 3 (maybe 4) times in the last 4 years! I just never realized that it was Freddy’s band that I had gone to see. I just liked them & their music, I never paid much attention to who they were themselves. I know that doesn’t sound nice, but I can be a little self-involved sometimes. I’m ok w/ it.

So, I’d like to plug their band, The Whiskey Hounds. Go to their website, listen to their music, and enjoy life.

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