I know, I’m still on this New Year subject. But, you know how ppl make resolutions every year, but then most ppl don’t really follow through on them? Well, last year, I only made one New Year’s resolution. I usually don’t do the whole resolution thing, b/c I don’t like to force myself into doing things I wouldn’t normally do. I think I deserve better. That’s all beside the point.

Last Friday (I’m setting the scene here), I was out w/ one of my dearest friends. We’ll call her ‘Steph’. We went to go see/hear this band play, and after seeing the band but en route to our next venue, we were talking about assorted stuff. Anyway, somehow we got onto this topic about the resolutions. And I said that last year I only made one resolution, and I wasn’t able to keep it. I had decided that I was going to bring back “yo”, the word, in common language. I totally thought it was do-able (especially if you had any idea to the quantity of ppl I talk to on a daily basis). That was when she said how crazy that was, b/c her resolution last year was to bring back the word “righteous”. (Can you not see how we are such great friends?)

Well, neither of us were successful in our resolutions last year. But maybe we’ll carry them onward into this year. You know, “if at 1st you don’t succeed” & all that. We did end up using those words much more for the rest of that night.

Oh, and when I said I wanted to bring back “yo”; I meant at the end of sentences, not at the beginning. Ex.: “I’ll meet you at whatever place at 9pm, yo.” Or, “This is the best sandwich I’ve had in forever, yo.” Alternatively, you can also use the letters “y-o” instead of the word. Just don’t think about it too much, or put to much emphasis on it. Just let it be, and let it flow w/ the natural sentiment. ‘Kay? Have fun.

2 thoughts on “resolutions

  1. Good idea yo.
    I’ll see if I can incorporate this yo.
    It feels weird though yo.

    I feel like a yo yo…LOL

    I bet Kevin Federline just does this naturally.

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