A happier New Year.

So, New Year’s has come & gone; and I haven’t really acknowledged it. That’s cause 2005 was such a horrible year for me. I just could not wait until it was over. I actually decided to celebrate the coming of the New Year early (which I only did once before in 2000).

In 2000, I was so excited to be celebrating; I actually started at about noon. I watched Peter Jennings report on the festivities that took place globally; and rang in the New Year in about 8 different time zones. (It’s hard to get them all in).

Anyway, this past year has been the worst that I’ve experienced yet, so that I just wanted it over & done with. I was just waiting & waiting for it to end; and when it seemed like it wouldn’t, I rang in the New Year in Puerto Rico at 11 pm. For those of you who want to protest, I just want you to know it still counts cause Puerto Rico is part of the US now. So there.

But I sincerely wish this year brings health & happiness & peace to everyone everywhere. I’m not too late in this sentiment, because I’m pretty sure the Chinese New Year starts on January 26th (or so I was told by this guy who’s living in China now), so I’m exactly half-way between the two!
Bonne Année.


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