nauseous much?

Ok, so today seems to be turning into my day to help others out w/ my experience. This is a post that I probably should’ve put up at the end of December. But unfortunately, I’m MIA in Dec, so I couldn’t.

Have you ever awoken on New Years Day, completely nauseous? And had to get brunch ready for the 30 ppl stopping by that day b/t 11 to 3 because there’s a “hair of the dog” (or whatever term it’s called) gathering at your house? Well, this was my experience last year, and I took a Dramamine & was completely fine in 20 mins. Dramamine is marketed as a motion-sickness pill, but it’s actually anti-nausea medicine (a nurse told me this tidbit).

*Please remember that I’m not, in any way, a medical professional. I’m just relating my experience & what helped me, ‘kay.

2 thoughts on “nauseous much?

  1. I have woken up feeling like that a lot….seriously except I don’t drink
    Wonder what that means…lol

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