song line of the day

The littlest things crack me up! I will just hear something (or pic something in my head) & just bust out laughing & everybody just kinda looks at me. That’s fine. I do entertain myself pretty well.

One of the things that gets me is some of the song lyrics I hear. They make me chuckle sometimes. So, I’m gonna start a feature where I put down some of these lyrics. Here’s the 1st one (Maybe I’ll give out points if you can guess the song & artist):

“Call me

George Foreman

cause I’m sellin

everybody grillz”

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4 thoughts on “song line of the day

  1. First of all, I thought she got it cause that was a pretty easy one (they’re runnin that song on the radio, every station I turn to), and she’s so smart.

    BUT. . . It turns out she just googled it. THAT’S CHEATING!

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