OK, I’m really good at like music trivia & stuff. Remember when they had “Music Jeopardy” on VH1 (or whatever channel it was on)? I was all over those questions (or answers, or however it worked). So, when my friend emailed me this link to an 80’s music quiz, I was all about it.

Unfortunately, she sent it to me in December, and I’m kinda MIA in December. Really busy. No time. You get my point. So, for the last month, I’ve been dying (ok, a little melo-dramatic) to take this quiz.

And now, voilà! I’ve completed said task! So, here it is for all y’all to take. It’s really fun if you were around for 80’s music.

Just a warning. I got a 76.5 on it! I know, I know, many of my friends were actually asking me if I took it yet b/c they thought I’d just score off the charts. But here’s what “the man” doesn’t tell you: SPELLING COUNTS! Yeah, I can’t spell. No one reading this can tell, cause I gots myself some sweet-spellcheck.

Anyway, I think in a couple of instances they can’t spell. B/c they spelled Jesse, “j-e-s-s-i-e”. And everyone knows that only girl-Jessies spell it that way. The boy’s name is spelled Jesse. So, when you get to that question, spell it Jessie, even though it’s wrong, or else it won’t count. ‘Kay?

Have fun. Oh yeah, it’s at yetanotherdot.com. Enjoy!

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