San Fran

I loved San Francisco. It was quite lovely. It also made me feel a little regret-ful about the bad things I said about LA, b/c I met this really nice guy there who is actually from LA (as in, lived there all his life). And I said some bad things (or at least thought some bad things) about LA & the natives there, but he was cool.

But I did have a great time in San Francisco. Here are my pictures from San Fran.

The streets were crazy. I thought they were scary, but apparently I’ve been told that I’m a “scardy-cat”. (Whatever, hater.) I guess it’s not bad considering it doesn’t snow there.

But all the ppl I met in San Francisco wanted to start up a conversation. I mean everybody! I walked into my hotel carrying a cup of coffee, and the doorguy started talking about the coffeehouse I got it at & how he loves that place. Sidenote: half the music in the coffeehouse’s jukebox was opera!

Flying in & out of San Fran is just the most awesome thing. Flying in, you’re getting closer & closer & closer to the ground. . . but there’s NO GROUND THERE! It’s all water! Then, at the last moment, just as the wheels must be like 10 feet from the ground, comes land & the runway. Flying out is cool too, you’re about to run out of land & drive into the water, when you feel the plane levitate off the ground as you see the water below. Breath-taking, really. And I’m not being over-dramatic.

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