L.A. is crap (in my opinion)

I really do not like L.A. Maybe because I went there with the preconceived notion that I wouldn’t like it. Self-fulfilling prophecy & all that. First of all, it’s dirty. I mean DUR-TEE. I went just from the airport to the hotel, which is a 15 minute car ride for 0.9 of a mile, btw. And by the time I got to the hotel, I had to wash up because I already felt dirty.

I went for a walk outside (not recommended by the way). I thought I’d walk the couple of miles I was told would get me to the beach & some shopping (a girl can at least window-shop). After 2 miles, I found out I still had about 4 more to go, so I hopped on a bus. By the time I got home, I felt filthy (& not in the good way). So I washed up, & I kid you not, the water came off me brown. ewwww. So, anyway, it’s dirty.

Also, all the ppl there are Rudy McRudepeckers. I did meet some very nice people that I talked to for a while, but they were all from out of town, visiting L.A. I also met one very, very friendly LA boi, but he worked for Coach, and I suspect his friendliness had something to do with the commission he could get from my sale. I mean, I’m sure he admired me as a put-together woman (I did look very “put-together” that day); but I don’t think he would’ve talked me up for half an hour were it not for the prospect of a looming commission. All the out-of-towners talked me up for at least half an hour each w/out gettin anything out of it but lovely conversation.

Maybe I’ll go back one day (years from now), and give it another chance. But not anytime soon, or by choice. Oh, here’s my pictures from LA.

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