I love Chi-town!

Chicago is such a great city. It’s usually cloudy, rainy, or windy; but you don’t care, cause, hey it’s Chicago & it’s supposed to be like that. And when the sun’s out, everyone just really appreciates is so much more.

The shopping’s fabulous. They’ve got the “Magnificent Mile”. A huge H&M. A “Little India” area. A Chinatown. And I’ve recently discovered an area there were you can get “fake designer bags”; they’re not designer, but are designs inspired from designer bags. I spent over an hour there & didn’t find anything I liked (but I was looking for something very specific).

They’ve got lots & lots of great restaurants (like Matisse!), and more blues than you can shake a stick at (although, why you’d shake a stick at blues music, I don’ts know).

I went to Millenium Park for the 1st time & it’s grand. I love Frank Gehry (as a designer, not as a man b/c of course, I don’t know him personally). He designed the pavillion; when you see pics, you can tell exactly what he did. Also, there’s this British artist (born in India) named Anish Kapoor who did a sculpture called “Cloud Gate”. This you have to go see in person, but you can also just see the pictures of it. To read more, go to Millenium Park’s website.

But, more importantly, here are my pictures!

Especially check out the fire/water hydrants. Is there a standard design that they should adhere to? If not, who gets to design ’em? Who picks the design?

One thought on “I love Chi-town!

  1. All that shopping makes me want to go to Chicago!! I’ve never been to an H&M, but I feel left out. I hear it has the best clothes, at th ebest prices.

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