Can’t we embrace our colors?!?

Have y’all seen the Radar online article about Beyoncé? You can read it here. Apparently, Vanity Fair “lightened” her skin color because she was “too dark”? Really? Isn’t this 2005? She is the 1st African-American lady on the cover since Tina Turner in 1993. This is absolutely insane. Beyoncé’s beautiful, and I can’t believe a mag would do that. I mean, I can understand telling her what to wear, and doing her make-up, and selecting the location. Especially the “what to wear” part, because I really don’t care for her mom’s fashion sense. Although, I think we’ve seen that most mom’s don’t have the greatest fashion sense (look that the previous post w/ Jack Roberts). But, changing someone’s skin color?

One thought on “Can’t we embrace our colors?!?

  1. Dhruva, I completely agree! I can’t believe they would lighten her skin because she is beautiful just the way she is…PLUS, WHO CARES what color the skin is?

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