Stage Names

Beyoncé came out & said that she’s got a name for her stage persona: Shasha. Madonna’s got one too: Esther. (Britney’s got one too, but I really don’t remember what it was & frankly don’t care enough to check on it.) Anyway, the point is that these ppl have recognized that the persona they portray onstage is just that – a persona. They are “performance art” (the term is used loosely in some cases), much like musical theatre. They are up their doing a show. This is not the person as they are, it’s not reality. When you go to a concert, you’re going to a show, just like the movies or theatre.

So, why do little girls want to dress up like Madonna (back in the ’80s) or Britney (hopefully not anymore, but a few years back)? Moms need to teach the girls that this is not real. This is how they dress in public for appearances only. This is not their normal day-to-day, around the house wear (I hope).

You don’t see little boys dressing up like Indiana Jones, or Hulk Hogan, or GI Joe, or Mos Def. Although, I do wish young boys would dress like Mos Def, cause he certainly has some style. Yes sir!

Speaking of Maddie. Does she really need a stage name? C’mon. Really?!? I mean, isn’t her real name like Louise or something like that? Maddona is her stage name. She’s given her stage persona a stage name. Like in Dharma & Greg when Dharma got her pet dog a pet dog of his own too. Seriously, Maddie, you’re got your one stage name. Let’s not get too greedy. Kay?

One thought on “Stage Names

  1. I take it back. My dear, darling, intelligent, wonderful, beautiful friend told me that her real name is, in fact, Madonna. I looked it up. It’s Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone.

    She also reminded me that Dharma’s dogs names were Stinky & Nunzio (sp?).

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