Shakin what his mamma gave him

Here’s John Roberts III (called ‘Jack’) dancin to the beat of his own drummer. I kinda like this kid. He made George W. smirk, and soon mom Jane carried him & Josie (Jack’s older sis) off stage.

This was America’s introduction to John Roberts Jr., Bush’s nominee to the Supreme Court since Sandra Day O’Connor announced her retirement. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Now, this was at Capital Hill on Monday, Sept. 12th, 2005. Daddy was in the middle of a confirmation hearing to get sworn in. And Jacky was sitting pretty w/ momma Jane. And what’s up w/ all the names in the fam starting with the same letter?
If this little cookie turns out to be smart too, he may just run & get a political office one day. He definitely knows how to hold the attention of the American public. Unfortunately, he’s not as good as getting the attention of the ‘rents yet.

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