men are wrong

I saw this question posed today:

man wrong

And I have the answer!

Yes.  The man is still wrong.  Because a woman will somehow, someway find out what he said.Remember men, the woman will ALWAYS find out!

Baw hahahahaha!


How much do we love Shel Silverstein?

SS the voice

SS masks

SS hinges


getting Tuff on bad guys with guns

Hey. Remember the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun?

AntoinetteTuffWell, Ms. Antoinette Tuff knows another way. With kindness & understanding.

A 20 year-old came into a school with a gun, and she simply talked to him with compassion.

Story here, including her actual 911 call.

fine print on the Groupons

Do you guys read all the way down on the Groupons? There’s this cat at the bottom, that’s really funny. Here’s the one from today:

groupon teachers

Remember the time. Cancer & Guns.

Remember the time when you heard of cancer but didn’t really know anyone who had it? I feel like it was maybe 20 years ago. You knew what it was. You knew some ppl survived it, and some died from it.

I feel like that’s the cycle that’s happening with guns now. We hear of this gun violence, but most of us don’t know anyone who was directly shot.

I say “we” & “most” in thinking that most ppl who may read this blog are likely middle class, & don’t live in the inner city. For those in the inner city, they know at least a half-dozen folks that have been shot (perhaps even themselves). 86 gun shootings a day.

Now, go back to that time you heard of cancer, but didn’t personally know someone with it. Perhaps in the 80s or 90s even. But no longer.

I hope this same phenomenon of familiarity w/ a killer does not repeat itself with gun violence.
guns and cheeses

Ho-ho? Oh, no.

OMG. Ppl are upset about Hostess shutting down. Like, for real?

C’mon. You cannot be surprised? First of all, let’s talk simple economics:

- Little Debbie makes comparable products to Hostess (swiss cake rolls are ho-ho’s, for example), for less than 1/3 of the price.

- most ppl who would regularly buy these products are going to be lower income folks (not to judge, but just an empirical observation). So, would prob opt for the Little Debbie brand in lieu of the overpriced Hostess brand. Esp in this economy*.

*by “this economy”, I mean that the middle class is making less money, while paying a higher percentage of taxes than a decade or so ago.

I’m seeing posts on fb where folks are asking why Obama is not bailing out Hostess. What? You want to bailout a stupid company that lives in the 80s?

They are comparing the auto bailout to the Hostess situation? The auto union & the big 3 auto CEOs worked together & approached the govt for assistance.

The Hostess situation was a stalemate b/t their union & the administration.

Also, when the 3 CEOs did ask the govt for the money, there were a series of Congressional hearings. At the 1st of which, Pres Obama chastised them for obviously not being serious about getting back on track b/c they each flew to DC separately in 3 private jets; so wasteful. The 2 situations aren’t comparable.

Forget that it was really Bush that started the auto bailout. Obama did go along with it, but was very clear about being tough on them & only when they showed that they were prepared to take serious steps to save money & improve their product (that is, evolve their product for the new age – fuel economy & pricing), did he facilitate the process. The congressional hearings. B/c a president can’t really (technically) “bail out” a company – it’s Congress that does it.

And the auto industry employed almost a million US workers. Not 18,000. And Hostess already went bankrupt twice, once in 2004, and again in January of this year. This was inevitable. Ppl that are even bringing up President Obama in any of this just want a reason to blame Obama. If he did bailout the company (which again, would never happen b/c the company didn’t even want a bailout), those ppl would have a problem with THAT too!

And Hostess? I don’t think I’ve had any Hostess snack cake in over 20 yrs. It was a matter of time… capitalism… supply & demand. I hope that Americans are becoming more health conscious that Hostess (unless they changed their product), would become defunct. We deserve better than what they produced, I think…

Denny’s Metz imposing “Obamacare” surcharge

Have you guys heard about this guy, John Metz? He is a Denny’s franchise owner who’s decided he’s passing along a fee to the customer that he doesn’t have to pay anyway. So, essentially, he’s simply trying to increase his profit by 5%.

“If I leave the prices the same, but say on the menu that there is a 5 percent surcharge for Obamacare, customers have two choices. They can either pay it and tip 15 or 20 percent, or if they really feel so inclined, they can reduce the amount of tip they give to the server, who is the primary beneficiary of Obamacare,” Metz told The Huffington Post. “Although it may sound terrible that I’m doing this, it’s the only alternative. I’ve got to pass the cost on to the consumer.”

But here’s the thing: He’s NOT paying any contribution toward his employees healthcare! So, he’s just pocketing extra money, whilst taking away from the livelihood of his employees 2-fold (by encouraging customers to tip less, AND cutting hours!).

He cut all front-end employees hrs so he actually doesn’t have to worry about paying for any insurance contribution. He’s not required to contribute to their healthcare since they’re all under 30 hrs a week. Then, he’s adding on this 5% charge for a penalty that he’s assuming might be added in 2014 – one that does not yet exist. He’s flat out telling customers to cut the tips of those servers since they will get they money via healthcare, which is a scam since he cut their hrs so they don’t need coverage! UGH! I can’t believe this guy!

What’s more. We’ve had tax hikes before, & we were sure to have them under a Romney presidency. But only President Obama was the 1st president in a century to pass healthcare (almost every president has tried for since Teddy Roosevelt). Most other companies do provide healthcare for their employees. These companies can too, they’re just too greedy.

Companies with a $3 Billion yearly PROFIT are upset b/c it makes an $8 million dent in their profit. Never mind that they gave away $10 million dollars of product. Ahem, I’m lookin at you, Papa Johns.

break-up the GO(T)P

I have no issue with the GOP. I have friends that are Republicans, & I can understand the basic principles – small government. I just don’t necessarily agree with that b/c I simply don’t trust ppl or the private sector. I’ve seen too much corruption or folks/organizations/corporations try to “get away with something”.

Anyway, I still respect the ideas of the basic Republican. Not the racist ones. Or the selfish ones. Or the bigots. Or the haters. But the basic “small government minded” person.

However, I’ve made no secret of it, but the GOP has become corrupted in recent years. This happened years ago, when they went through a transition. When the Whig party transitioned into what then was called the Republican party. Here’s the deal though. I believe that what was then called the Whig (then Republican) party, was actually filled with what we think of as progressive, liberal thinkers. What we equate with today’s Democratic party.

There’s been a contamination of sorts into the Republican party over the last 150. More so in recent decades. By something called the Tea Party. This, I must say, is the DUMBEST group of ppl EVER. I’m sure you know why I’m saying this, but maybe 1 day I will elaborate & actually type out the stupidity I’ve heard from this faction. If I can stand it without getting a headache.

The Republican party is so different from what it was a hundred years ago, & I think it should change names to signify that it’s no longer what it once was. It’s been contaminated by the Tea Party & the Libertarians. They need to keep themselves separate, in their own separate parties.

There is a split in the current “Republican” party. There is no solidarity even amongst themselves. They need to kick out the others that are contaminating their party. Not just because they are corrupting the party, not just because of their obscene immorality, but because their extremism is turning ppl off.

Look at these numbers. Days after the election, there was a poll done within each party of who they think would make an ideal party candidate for President in 2016.

In the Democratic party, there is a clear front-runner. Almost 2/3’s of the party have a person in mind. There is a clear person in mind as 2nd choice, and nominal votes for others. This is normal.

Now, look at the Republican candidates’ poll. Not even a fifth of the party can agree on any 1 person? You can OBVIOUSLY see that their is a monumental split in the party. They can’t even come to a consensus among themselves. How do they expect the American ppl to go along with them?

Am I the only one who can see this? It’s so OBVIOUS.

Poll: Am I too senstitive? Racism?

Ok. I know I’m sensitive, but I need input from the rest of you here. Am I being overly sensitive here. I’m “D”. I’ve known “E” for almost 10 yrs, met him through Mr. T.

“E” is someone who has hugged & kissed me as a friend, even smelled my hair & would tell me how good it smells. He’s like a Tea Party person. Here’s our exchange, & what I demand from him at the end. Am I right to be offended, & demand an apology from him?

I’ve heard a LOT from him about Obama, how he’s a Muslim, and how all Muslims want to destroy everyone else. Crazy stuff. Using the word “infidels” and all kinds of lies posted online about Obama. So, I think emotions were high, & this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Or, I’m being too emotional? I put a bright arrow next to the parts I thought were jerky or racist or both.

There’s a poll at the end, & of course I want feedback, so please leave a comment! Thanks!

What has Obama done?

I’ve been compiling reasons why I’m voting for Obama, & thought I’d put them up in a public space so they can be viewed by anyone. So, this is a randomness.

The repeal of DADT.

“For we are not a nation that says “Don’t ask, Don’t Tell”.
We are a nation that says, Out of Many, WE ARE ONE.
We are a nation that welcomes the service of every patriot.
We are a nation that believes that
“all men and women are created EQUAL”.
Those are the ideals that generations have fought for.
Those are the ideals that we uphold today.”

“‎”Obama fully funded the Violence Against Women Act, and supports its reauthorization.” -George Saunders

‎”Obama is the first President in a generation to make a car go further on a gallon of gas.” -Adam Werbach

“Obama has made financing higher education easier.” -Emily Raboteau

“… he supports the idea that corporations should be held accountable for their actions through regulation, and should contribute to bringing down the national debt through fair taxation of their profits.” -Nate Mendel

I need a Pres. that can evolve with the world. This is not flip-flopping. This is accessing the environment & your constituents, & making a decision that best suits the ppl of your nation at the time. B/c our world changes. We must adjust ourselves to it. Or we kill the world. Then what?”

The Detroit Symphony Orch had a CRIPPLING strike that lasted for MONTHS. It seemed like forever. Now, the Atlanta Symphony is in jeopardy. To the point where even administration there is at odds with board members. Maybe I’m more concerned about it b/c I do know dozens of musicians in these places. But I also know that Romney plans to ELIMINATE all (what he calls excess) funding for the arts.”

CANCER. I HATE CANCER. But I know that we are far behind other nations in research simply b/c stem cell research funding is so minimal or blocked. With Obama as President, we can continue stem cell research.

NATIONAL SECURITY. We need a leader that understands the importance of finding those responsible for atrocities against our country. And has a plan, not just going into a mission, but also an exit strategy so that our sons & daughters can be husbands & wives.

- Established a credit card bill of rights

- Required economic justification for tax changes

- Signed Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Bill

- Expanded Pell Grants for low income students

- Passed for-profit college restrictions
(For-Profit Colleges Are Bankrolling Romney to Keep Student Loan Money Flowing)

- Ended the ban on travel for those w/ HIV

“President Obama had everything to lose & nothing to gain by not publishing the photos of a dead body. It simply shows that while he has a priority to protect the nation, he carries it out w/ integrity.” – Etgar Keret


- Funded VA to help w/ Vets’ services ($1.4 B)

- Got better body armor for active combat troops

- Medical care was redic/nonexistent prior; he created the Joint
Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record program to fix/organize that.

- Put an end to Bush-era Stop-Loss policy (extension of duty once tour is done, often arbitrarily sent soldiers back just as they returned home).

- Initiated and signed a recruitment and employment plan, specifically designed to help vets get govt jobs; but also encouraged private sector to hire vets.

- Expanded VA budget to pay for more mental health professionals ($4.6B – not sure if you’ve seen Vet suicide rates, but they’re staggering!)

- Created Green Vet Initiative – w/ special funding to Labor Dept to train veterans in green jobs (expanding area).

- Supported & signed Veterans Health Care Budget Reform and Transparency Act – made $ available for better medical care for vets.

- Reauthorized (& funded) families of fallen soldiers to be able to visit when the body arrives at Dover AFB. (& ended media blackout on coverage of fallen soldiers – they deserve recognition for making ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms & beliefs)

- Improved housing for military personnel.

- Improved conditions at Walter Reed & other military hospitals.

- Changed the failing war strategy in Afghanistan, got an exit strategy in place.

- Increased pay and benefits for military personnel.

- Repealed DADT (I mentioned that 1 on a diff day already – worth

- Made finding Osama Bin Laden a priority.


Since President Obama took office, oil imports have dropped by an average of 1.1 million barrels per day.
– In 2010 domestic crude oil production reached its highest level since 2003.
– In 2010 natural gas production reached its highest level in more than 30 years.
– The U.S. has become a net exporter of fuels for the first time since 1949.
– The Obama administration has proposed a five-year offshore leasing plan that makes more than 75 percent of undiscovered oil and gas resources off our shores available for development, while putting in place common-sense safety requirements to prevent a disaster like the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico from happening again.”


Pres. Obama more than tripled the govt’s investment in clean energy sectors such as the smart power grid, energy efficiency, electric cars, and renewable power. These investments are responsible for saving or creating 224,500 jobs as of the end of 2010.

- Electricity generation from wind and solar increased nearly 71 and 40.3% between 2008 and 2010, respectively.

- The Obama administration issued a conditional loan guarantee for the construction of the first nuclear power plant to be built in the United States in decades. Once constructed, it will provide enough clean energy for 1.4 million people.

- The administration funded the weatherization of more than 600,000 homes, saving low-income families an average of $400 in heating and cooling costs in the first year alone.

- Pres. Obama has set a 10-year goal to develop and deploy cost-effective clean coal technology, and to put online several commercial demonstration projects within four years.


And randomness about Mitt Romney:

“Mitt Romney plans to remove regulations on air and water quality and cut off funding for the National Labor Relations Board.” -Marilynne Robinson

There’s 1 part of the Romney “47% video” that no one’s talking about. This part: “… use Ann sparingly. So ppl don’t get tired of her.” Really? I know you have no respect for women, but YOUR OWN WIFE?! Your partner, to be by your side, through “better or worse”. Like, when I hear Pres. Obama talk about his wife, mother, grandmother; you always hear respect. Maybe that’s why his policies on women is to not regulate them.

Mitt Romney is disdainful of “government assistance,” because he’s never known anyone who needed it.

“Mitt Romney is disdainful of “government assistance,” because he’s never known anyone who needed it.” – Moby
I’m a little surprised that this group didn’t correct Moby. Mitt does know someone who needed Government assistance – his parents. They did not make it on their own, they did not “built that”. They got help. Mitt doesn’t seem to remember, & I think that makes others think it didn’t happen.

The lying of the Romney-Ryan campaign. I can’t have a president that lies to me. Says one thing in the debate, but his website (in writing) says the complete opposite.

Romney wont release his tax returns. What’s he hiding?

Romney wants to dismantle FEMA & privatize disaster relief. He says it would be “immoral” to count on the govt to fund disaster relief efforts for its own country :(

Mitt Romney says he’s not going to raise taxes. But by “not raise taxes”, he means he’s going to increases taxes & fees. He don’t speak American. And I need a President that speaks American.

- economists say that his tax plan (to balance budget in TEN YRS) is mathematically IMPOSSIBLE.

- he says he has no tax cuts for billionaires (ie corps lining his pocket), but his website indicates otherwise, IN WRITING.

- for those of you college students, or w/ kids about to go into college, he’s getting rid of Pell Grants, and the Clinton tax credit for college.

- his advisors (same as Bush) are planning on having us go to war w/ Iran, which will def plunge us into a real recession!

- The GO(T?)P believes a baby should be borne of rape, but that in-vitro fertilization should be illegal? I’ve held/snuggled/kissed so many babies born via IVF, & the were miracles that the family longed for.

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