Patricia Arquette’s Oscar Speech

Patricia Arquette gave a bomb-diggity Oscar speech. And here’s why.

She was recognized for work she did. She’s been acting for about 3 decades. Three decades. She’s finally being recognized for her work. The Academy Award is the highest regarded movie award in the US.

Yet, this woman took this platform, where she is being put on a national stage and her shining moment.

And she decided to use that platform to say something to support her fellow women.

You don’t often see that type of selflessness in the world, let alone in Hollywood.

Now, people may complain that she makes way more money than the average woman working in the US.

First, so what? I worked hard to get my current job. So hard. And I excel at what I do. I know this. Others see this. I have a work ethic like a bull. And I’m super amazingly good at what I do. And I found out (by asking around) that I do make more than my male counterparts. So, does that mean I’m not going to still be vocal about feminist ideals, and equal pay for women?

Second, I don’t know how much she makes or made on any movie. But I do know this, there’s a good chance she made LESS than her male counterparts for no good reason other than she was a woman.

How can I make this statement. Easy. Because the leaked Sony emails give us some insight on how far-reaching the pay gender gap really goes. Those emails showed us that Jennifer Lawrence and FIVE TIME ACADEMY AWARD NOMINEE Amy Adams were paid less than their male co-stars. There was also some list of like 6000 Sony employees, and 17 were making over a million; only one of them was a female.

Now, I don’t get the other part of her speech, where she goes into different types of people. She should have stuck to one topic so not to dilute the strength of the sentiment. But whatever. Take what you will from it.

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sombrero donkeyI used to use Haha (or hahahaha or BAW Hahaha!), and scoffed at those who wrote Lol. Then someone I love (my sister) would use lol all the time in texts & I got used to it. Now I use both. I’ll use lolz & zomg, but not the lmbo (or lmao, which I find inappropriate, but that’s because I’m a lady).

Sometimes, it really does take just knowing someone who you love to make you more tolerant. Like Sen. Rob Portman and his son.

Sometimes, when something tickles me so, I’ll use ROTFLSHMSFO (rolling in the floor, laughing so hard my sombrero fell off).

Photo Challenge: Scale

Remember when I used to do PhotoFriday? I used to love it! Looking forward to hearing the new theme for the week, and keeping an eye out everywhere I went to find something that would match it. Or, instantly remembering a picture I had taken that would fit the theme; but still looking for something new & fresh. It makes you keep your eyes open & more aware of the world around you.

Well, I just discovered this new one called Photo Challenge. This week’s is called Scale. I just found this site, and so kinda looked through old photos to see if I had something applicable. I instantly thought of my visit to the Taj Mahal. Where I have pics of myself & family that I took, where it gives the optical illusion that I’m holding the whole Taj in my hand. Or holding it up by pinching the tip. Haha. But I’m not into putting pictures of myself on here, so I thought I’d find something else.

I found this one. When I was younger, my aunt had given me this tiny bottle of Oil of Olay (that’s what it used to be called). Oil of Olay Beauty Fluid. Then, the world went anti-oil, and everything was oil-free, or like in this case, the word oil was simply removed.
I keep this tiny bottle still in my travel bag. I wash it out & re-use it still. I wonder if that’s ok… ?? I mean, with the old plastic and all?


No Moore in Alabama

Roy Moore is the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. He’s also an idiot (in my opinion). Why you ask? Because yesterday he said that even though the Federal Court found same-sex marriage bans unconstitutional, the State is not bound by that.

This is the same idiot who, in 2003, was removed from his place as Chief Justice because he insisted that they needed a 5000 pound granite sculpture, 3 ft by 3 ft by 4 ft tall, with the 10 Commandments on it.

Apparently, he never learned about the separation of church and state. That’s like Politics 101.

Anyway, so now he’s all for this same-sex marriage ban. Which, you all know, infuriates me.

Here’s the thing:

Who cares if someone’s marriage is against your religion. Marriage is a legal union. There’s separation of church and state. Religion should not dictate laws.

What bothers me is when states pass these laws that they KNOW are unconstitutional. Then, they waste the taxpayers money in courts as lawsuits are filed against the state. Of course, the state will side with itself, so then it gets appealed to the state appeals, who will also side with the state. Then it goes to federal appeals courts, where of course the state will lose. Because it’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Which they knew going in.

But who pays for all this? The taxpayers.

This self-righteous, pompous Moore has been around the block. He should know all this. I’m not even a politician nor a judge and I can tell you how this is going to play out.

With him playing a game with his constituents money.

Shanté Wolfe, Tori Sisson

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Gotta love the Macaroons

So, I got a text from my sister today that she joined Instagram. So, OF COURSE, I asked for her Instaname to follow her, and asked her to follow me back!

She then scrolled through at least a hundred (maybe more) of my photos.

And I got a notification that she liked ONE. ONE.

Out of over a hundred, maybe over 200 that she saw. I’ve posted almost 300, but this one was from 2013. I know, because in 2014 I made a resolution to try not to post as many food pics. So, this was before that.

This is the ONLY picture that my sister liked:

MLK Jr. Day, revisited

Today’s not Martin Luther King Jr Day. But I often find myself thinking about him, and what he stood for, and the inequality that I still see today. Well, not inequality per se. Let’s call a spade a spade. Flat out racism. Ugly, dysfunctional, horrid racism. With the most vulgar of words and phrases directed at a very specific group of people, for no other reason than that the perpetrator is of one race and the words are directed at those of another.

I cannot believe the things I see and hear today.

Thanks to Facebook.

Well, I say that sarcastically, but the truth is, I should be thanking fb for opening my eyes to how prevalent it is in modern society. In the city of Cleveland, where I used to live, and I thought was so tolerant and mixed of a city.

I had posted this on my fb on the real MLK Jr Day this year:

I was looking through my old tweets, and found this one. Seems pertinent to the holiday today. With the day off work & school, spend it with your children to talk about race relations. What once was. What *you* believe it to be today. What your hope for relations in their life. Research the topic. It’s the least you can do for a man who “fought” tirelessly to bring it to light; and you get a day off for it. I’d love to hear your thoughts too, if you care to share….

I just want people to understand. But the only way to understand is if we talk about it, and are willing to listen to others.

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n word

Real sign made by a real Cleveland area teen.

Dozens of Cleveland area high school students attended the City Club of Cleveland’s Youth Forum on Jan. 15th to talk about issues of racism, violence, and police brutality in the wake of the shooting death of 12-year old Tamir Rice. The photo above is one of them. If you’d like to see more reactions (pictures and video), go here: