think like a man?

So, one of my relatives on Facebook posted this picture last week. It pissed me off to no end. Maybe irrationally? But it just did. So, I’m here venting about it. If I put it down in words, then I’ll be able to move past it. This is the offending picture she posted:

think like a man

I was so irritated. What the hell?

Think like a man? What’s wrong with thinking like myself. An intelligent, creative, solution-minded woman.

No, I’m happy to think like a woman.

And to those young girls that are tomboys, dress however you want. To those transgender out there, look how you feel comfortable.

think like a woman

Definition of a feminist


“If you believe that men and women have equal rights, if someone asks if you’re a feminist, you have to say yes.”  “Because that is how words work.”
~ Aziz Ansari


Geez, I love Aziz Ansari. He’s hilarious, and he just gets it.


Guess what, y’all. My car just crossed 100,000 miles! You were all there when I got it.

I just wanted to share this moment too:

corolla 100000 miles


Sickening. I have actual *work* to do today, and now need to deal with this stupidity? To my Kent State University people, please light ‘em up. Contacts in the comment.

Fullscreen capture 1192014 63845 PM.bmp

Let them know how you feel:
Richard A. Hayne
Chairman of the Board (& owner of UO)

Tedford Marlow
Chief Executive Officer, Urban Outfitters Group

Crystal Carroll, Public Relations Manager

Urban Outfitters, Inc.
5000 South Broad St
Philadelphia, PA 19112-1495

Tweet @UrbanOutfitters

My heart’s in Texas

I just had the best week in TX. You guys, I have a baby niece (have I mentioned that?). Anyway, she’s my heart. Good God, I just love her so much! Words cannot describe how precious and lovely this little child is. She’s just the greatest person who’s come into my life, and I’m so thankful. So thankful.


Anyway, now I’m just sitting here at the airport, waiting for my flight, trying not to start crying because I miss her so much already.

Demand a plan to end Gun Violence

Because we can do better. #America

Diego at the DIA

I went to the DIA on Friday for the first time. I’ve been wanting to go for the year & a half that I’ve been in Detroit. (Did I mention I live in Detroit now?)

Anyway, I finally go to go. And guess what I discovered?!?!?!


Apparently, everyone knew this. Except for me. It took going in, taking a map, scanning through what was there to figure which direction I was going in, and gasping when I saw the “Rivera Court” on the map!!!

dia diego

It was amazing. So awesome. I want to go back & stare at it every day now.

Apparently, it took him only 11 months to complete it. I’m so in awe.

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